Everyone has a number those days (I hope)

So I emailed a certain service yesterday to make a certain appointment. The person I exchanged emails with asked: Do you have a number that I could call you on?

What does that mean, help!? Everyone has a number those days, I hope. So do they need it just in case or are they going to actually call to talk to me beforehand? And when??? It sounds to me like if they’re pretty rushed? But what for, everything can wait.

Yes, I do have a number, I said. But I’ll be eating my lunch now!

I was so confused, can someone help, I was thinking. What do those people really mean when they say certain things?

After like 15 minutes of thinking, while I was eating my lunch, I decided the man must have intended to call me beforehand. After all, he said ‘that I could call you on.’ That means, he needed to call me. And he really did call me, I was right!

But why are those things so complicated? Sometimes I really need it all in black and white.


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