Narcissist at work – part 1

I believe The Lady from my story was a narcissist. I also believe that narcissists are responsible for most of the bulling that autistic people experience, if not all of it. Narcissists need to feel they influence people around them and they use their social skills to do that, but because we don’t understand their cues, they can’t influence us.

I will be coming back to that but for now I will share one technique the lady started using at me when nothing else worked: she was making unusual statements that didn’t fit the conversation like for example ‘I know a lot of people’. I didn’t know what it meant at the time but I know now: she was warning me.

If you find yourself in similar situation don’t make the mistake I made and don’t fight the narcissist. You’re only going to lose even if it doesn’t make sense to you how that could happen. They’re extremely skillful manipulators and they do things you’d never come up with.

If you need someone to talk about your situation please email me and I’ll tell you what I really think. I’m independent so don’t need to be politically correct.

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