Is autism a disability?

Some autism advocates argue that autism is a different way of thinking. I say it is a different way of thinking that makes us disabled.

Do you want to argue with me? Let’s take my employment tribunal case as an example. One could say I outsmarted The Company. And that is right in a way. I was all by myself and they had a lawyer who was a partner in a large firm.

And yet they didn’t check their papers and ended  up providing me with evidence against themselves.

All that happened probably because I didn’t know I would look naive (or even crazy) if I represent myself while having almost no evidence.

And what happened later? Did I win? No. Well, ok, I did say, I didn’t want to win. I wanted to campaign, but I didn’t do that either. Instead I spent 5 months in psychiatric hospital, a couple more on top of that being unable to work, had a suicide attempt and will probably need to be on meds to the end of my life. So don’t tell me I am not disabled.

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