Magda’s dating advice 1

I just watched a YouTube videa by Max Derrat called ‘Autism and loneliness’. Max has a very interesting way of talking about his autistic struggle so I do recommend you watch it too.

It is obvious, however that trying to work out the scary, confusing social world around him is putting him through loads of (unnecessary) stress. What especially drawn my attention is when he’s asking whether sending more than one text to a girl will come across as creepy. He didn’t say that but I guess he meant that the girl didn’t reply.


Well, let me tell you what I think: you’re focusing on the wrong question Max. As long as you’re polite it’s not really important what that girl thinks. She didn’t answer your message so her opinion doesn’t matter, wouldn’t you agree?

What you need to think about instead is, what will make YOU feel better. We, autistics, work out social situations through patterns so possibly we need to see the same reaction (or the lack of it) more than once. There’s nothing wrong with it.

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