Workplace bullying

Not so long after I was diagnosed I set up a blog. I had loads of courage and commitment but was confused about what to write. I couldn’t talk about The Company as my case was in Employment Tribunal, and anyway, I didn’t know at the time they were going to claim my diagnosis was private so whatever I would say wouldn’t be anything interesting.

Now I can say with confidence this is what sometimes happens to autistic employees. Possibly most people wouldn’t be strong enough (and silly, let’s admit it) to go through all of those troubles to prove it. And I would not advise anyone to do that.

My honest advice is that if you find yourself in a similar situation you look for a way out.

Sometimes you really need to look for a way out

Diagnosis has no use to protect us from bullying. And with some people you just cannot win. That’s what the world needs to understand, and only then we can have some progress.

That’s what I want to tell you now: sometimes you need to step away and come back with a new perspective.

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