Everyone is a bit autistic

This is a post from Rachel, published on my autistic female group recently. It’s excellent: funny and to the point so I published it here after getting her permission.

‘A few days ago someone said to me “everyone has autistic traits” which really annoyed me. But I now actually agree that probably everyone has at least 1 symptom of autism, in exactly the same way that I have at least one symptom of probably over 100, if not a 1000, illnesses but I don’t have any of those illnesses because it is 1 symptom in isolation 😂🙈🤦🏻‍♀️ 

Have you ever seen toilets like that?

For example excessive thirst can be a symptom of diabetes, but needs to be with other symptoms. For example excessive thirst when dehydrated on a hot day clearly isn’t a symptom of diabetes, and someone with a headache and vomiting from a hangover would also have symptoms of a brain tumour… (obviously if there’s concerns that person should get medical attention).’

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