Do we need the diagnosis?

I asked that question on my female autism group and almost all responses said we do. Why? For adjustments, protection from discrimination and for self awareness and acceptance.

NHS waiting times are too long and some of us, expecially females, are being refused diagnosis due to what GP or even the diagnostic team sees as ‘being not autistic enough’.


Well, I didn’t have any of those problems. GP referred me during my first appointment, probably because on the day I felt very unwell due to physical illness so I was too tired to do what we call ‘masking’ and then the diagnostic appointment was brought forward due to my situation at work so I only had to wait just over 3 months.

Yet, a year and a half later, I had my first stress inducted psychotic episode and another couple of months later a suicide attempt. My views are influenced by my experience of course. So, do we need the diagnosis? No, not at all! We only need the post diagnostic support.

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