Autistic mice

OK, so I promised earlier, in my About page that I want to focus on communication, and here I write about a status quo. But isn’t it all connected?

I can’t do all the communication work completely by myself, other people need to focus on it too, and possibly we, autistics will benefit more from research focused on improving our communication (or on neurotypical communication with us) instead of some other, not very helpful things, like:

– Mosaic mutations – don’t ask me what that is – but they play small role in autism only and are difficult to study, yet scientists are not giving up.

– Mice that lack CNTNAP2, a gene linked to autism, behave in a similar way to autistic people. Well, ok, what I read didn’t actually say those mice listen to music through their headphones and create crazy, full of patterns designs on Redecor, but you know what I mean: that’s how autism is being studied.

Something needs to change here. Wouldn’t you agree?

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