Feeling mentally refreshed

That’s a new feeling for me, isn’t it? Some of you may remember how I used to complain about being mentally tired all the time.

What caused it? A book I’m reading in Polish. ‘Honey, I killed the cats’ by Dorota Masłowska (you can download English language version from Kindle store). The novel is classed as absurdity fiction and I believe it’s both absurdity and the fact that I read in Polish that is causing me to feel mentally refreshed. I may need to do more reading in Polish then although I may have a bit of difficulties with choosing what to read as I don’t really like stsndard, genre fiction.

The novel is written in a very unusual language, like if uneducated drug addict was trying to create poetry. I downloaded a sample of English language version and unfortunately I am unable to say if the translation has this feature too; I simply do not feel it. Despite living in the UK for 16 years, I think it is now; my understanding of language is very basic; while at the same time I feel like my use of Polish deteriorated a bit and I wouldn’t be able to write a novel in Polish any more.

I asked two people at work what they think about my new book cover:

They both said they like it and that it’s really eye-catching and they seemed genuine. I suppose it is eye-catching indeed; with it’s almost offensive simplicity.

Mind you, this way I also admitted that I am autistic. My colleagues didn’t seem surprised (who knows; maybe they Googled me in the meantime; people now Google everything); and neither of them told me I do not look autistic.

My book is going to be free to download on the 10th of January again and before that you can download a free sample. Happy reading!

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