Being heard is better than being seen

That’s an interesting article about Paulina Porizkova, I don’t know if you remember her? She used to be a famous model several years ago, now she’s in her 50s.

It’s really interesting so please read it. It will help you improve your social imagination. The article was clearly written to promote a book but I didn’t read it so can’t comment any more.

One thing that particularly draw my attention is what Mrs Porizkova says about secrets and shame: ‘I’m not precious about my secrets. I guard other people’s, but you can have all of mine. Because secrets foster shame.’ It’s interesting that I think exactly the same about my dad’s mental health breakdown and my history of psychosis. When I became open about it on my blog, the shame disappeared. I don’t talk much about it to the people in real life, but I don’t feel ashamed.

The article also mentions sexual harassment in modeling industry, but interestingly Mrs Porizkova doesn’t seem to have trauma caused by it but she suffers general anxiety and panic attacks.

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