Why do people love Costa?

I found out a few days ago that Costa gives clients free slice of cake (or muffin, shortbread or other sweet treat) on their birthday, you just need Costa app to claim it. I’m not a big Costa lover but I thought I’d give it a try. I downloaded the app and went for my cake quest yesterday.

Why was it a quest? Because I visited 4 cafes only to finally settle for something I didn’t really like that much: cinnamon bun that tasted like if it was baked two days earlier.

One of the cafes I visited was completely full, two of them didn’t even have any proper cakes. Neither of them looked particularly appealing and yet there was a queue everywhere.

I also don’t particularly like coffee in Costa, it tastes bitter to me.

Yet, I sometimes go there (not very often, possibly once a year) just to see how it will be like. And I can never understand this phenomenon. The trip always makes me feel that I’d be terrible at marketing: I just really don’t understand how people make choices about spending money. Do you think that is an autistic thing?

Speaking of which… I finally got my refund from University of Hull. One more thing that I cannot do: even though I like my job and can see how good the care home is (far better than any other), I cannot study dementia because that requires ‘very grey thinking’. The world is not organised very fair, wouldn’t you agree here?

Sometimes I think like I’m so good at understanding neurotypicals, after years of observing them; at other times (like today) I feel totally useless.

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