Moaning and neurotypicals

I didn’t post for a few days; I am certain most of my readers are focused on getting ready for Christmas rather than worrying about keeping up with my blog, but I did miss my writing. Quite frankly I miss posting every day and I may need to look for ways to be able to do that again, although it will not be before the end of this year.

For now I wanted to say I’m working on an anti novel, but after writing just over 7k words in a week I feel a bit stuck. I hope I’ll get unstuck in a day or two, possibly using some meditation or poetry to write a little bit more.

For now I wanted to talk about a phenomenon I didn’t discuss on my blog yet, which is moaning and complaining. Have you ever noticed that some neurotypicals seem to bond by doing just that?

It is really puzzling me because there’s nothing exciting in listening to other people complains, and yet it is somehow helping others to develop closer relationships.

It also seems like it’s such an easy social strategy: just talk about what you don’t like… and yet, when I try that I am unable to bond with anyone and, more over, I end up feeling exhausted and in a bad mood. I don’t know now if the way I moan is somehow wrong or maybe just the fact that is doesn’t lift my spirit causes people to keep their distance but the fact is, moaning doesn’t work for me.

If you’re autistic and you managed to understand the moaning phenomenon, please let me know in the comments, or, in case those are closed, directly to my email, and I can then post about it at some point in not too distant future.

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