R.I.P. Ashley

Do you remember Ashley Peterson, the mental health blogger who used to comment on my posts a lot before I cosed comments? She passed away on the 9th of October and her family hinted on the blog she commited suicide. What else those words could mean? ‘She could no longer bear the suffering she was experiencing and finally succumbed to her severe depression.’

She was actually saying on her posts she’s considering it but I never somehow took it seriously. I sometimes get suicidal thoughts and I had a suicide attempt but even on that time I didn’t want to die; I just wanted things to change.

And I do admit here I will never understand how bad depression can be to make people do that. Ashley’s life wasn’t bad, you could say, she was a successful blogger and an author of a couple of books. She would probably wrote a couple of more if she was with us for a bit longer.

She was receiving various treatments. It looks like neither of them worked.

This is all so sad.

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