I didn’t pass my first assignment

I just checked.

The pass mark was 50% and I received 45%. I don’t actually know what was wrong with it, I can’t find any feedback. Possibly the problem was that I criticised a theory I was meant to praise; I don’t know, I didn’t find an explanation for it. And anyway if that was the reason, it wouldn’t be written there, would it, or at least not so directly.

I now feel strangely free, you know? It was a good experience and I suppose I needed to try to find out that academia is not for me. If I don’t believe in something I won’t be praising it; that’s why.

I can now continue my study to the end of the module without expecting refund and worrying about that stupid online withdrawal form I tried to fill in yesterday that didn’t work.

Was it worth the money? Well… some people spend more on alcohol each year and I barely ever drink.

I don’t have to study any more. I can do whatever I bloody want.

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