Word count

I finished polishing my uni assignment today and guess what? We were meant to write 2000 words and the word ‘around’ wasn’t included in the brief. I was obviously worried that if I write 1900 it may be too little while 2100 may be too many so I monitored my word count very closely and, although that wasn’t my aim, the final version contains exactly 2000 words!

I’d be happy enough if it was 1980 and I wasn’t aiming to be exact and I now think this is absolutely hilarious. It really made me laugh. I presume that’s not something that a neurotypical person would find funny, but maybe I am wrong?

The other thing is that my depression lifted. I don’t know what it is with this spare room; sleeping there seems to make me depressed. Maybe it’s because it was my mum’s room when she lived with me for those couple of months? But I don’t consciously think about it so how would that work?

I also successfully finished my first day of yet another attempt on intermittent fasting. All I had within 27h of fast were 3 apples and a glass of kefir and I finished it at lunch time today with three boiled eggs, some mayo and a slice of bread. Now, 3 hours later I feel perfectly fine and I’m not hungry. Fingers crossed this is going to work for me.

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