It costs $1k to hire a ghostwriter

As you know I like watching ads on Facebook. Some of them offer interesting masterclasses and I sometimes wonder why I didn’t come up with this or that myself.

No, sorry, I never did so far!

Today I watched a class delivered by somebody who sells hobby related ebooks on Amazon. That person doesn’t write the books herself, instead she hires a ghostwriter who does the necessary research, then writes that book and all it costs is approximately $1k only. Can you imagine that? That’s pretty cheap.

After that the book gets a cover designed (another $50) and gets sold under a nickname! Can you even imagine that? When I have a new special interest, it takes me several weeks to research it completely. The class was therefore the response to my question why some ebooks are so general and rather poor quality.

What’s the solution here? Never buy a book written under a nickname. If the author doesn’t have an online presence the book is probably written by a ghostwriter.

But then, if I have an online presence, does that mean I should write a book? Let me think about it.

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