This serious business of mine

I did see several ads on Facebook about ‘an online business’ that didn’t disclose what the business was about – you’d need to register to find out and I didn’t want to do that. But just the fact that the type of business wasn’t disclosed was enough for me to know it’s not something legit.

I suspect it’s some kind of piramid scheme because all the ads mentioned initial investment is required ‘like in any business’, every of this ad was presented by a different person and words were different but the pattern was the same. So don’t be naive, be careful instead.

PS 1: I cancelled John’s visit and after I did I stopped feeling that depressed.

I’m confused now- I don’t know what it is – I miss him and I’d really want a hug, but at the same time I feel like I should spent my time now on reflecting on myself. I don’t quite understand what I need to reflect on but possibly that will come out as I progress?

PS 2: Christine Bryden’s dementia was in fact progressing very slowly and she even got married, after some years of being a single mum. So it does look like a) good men are out there b) her church group prayers have been answered; she didn’t get cured but her life improved.

Perhaps I should also start praying? But what about the community part? I doubt I could ever deal with that.

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