Saturday catch up (getting rid of my delusions)

Yes, yes, I know, I wrote a blog post yesterday. However. I thought ‘catch up’ is such a nice and innocent phrase.

Do you know what is my most popular blog post so far? It’s this one:

Is Boris Johnson autistic?

61 views so far. I told you, I’m not a very popular blogger.

As the title of this post suggests, it’s Saturday today, or at least it’s Saturday in my reality. Hopefully it’s the same for some other people in Swindon because I’m meant to be at work in the afternoon. It wouldn’t be very nice to go there and find out I got the days wrong.

I was thinking recently about the fraud that my late mum was a victim. Her favourite bank employee, Mrs J. is in prison, probably in Piotrków Trybunalski. But the bank doesn’t really care. They returned around 10% of what was stolen, because we had confirmations for those – bank statement showed that my mum took 10k PLN out, while she had confirmation that she only took 1k on that day, but for most transactions she didn’t keep confirmations. I doubt we’re going to get this out of them. They didn’t even apologise for the fact that they didn’t look into the case till after I got police involved. Instead they asked Mrs J. what she had to say. She probably told them not to listen to me because I have history of psychosis and that must be another of my delusions.

It’s not easy to live with delusions, you know? But it’s even worse when you have delusions that you were being helped and you then realised that you weren’t and the bad things really happened to you without them being part of any bigger plan.

Why a 30-something with a young son would steal money from her clients? Did she want her child to have mum in prison? She must have thought it’s never going to come out, obviously. I seriously considered forgiving her, you know? I am fortunate enough that I can live without that money, I don’t want a small child to face stigma like I did and also if I manage to get this money out of Mrs J. (which may be difficult because she probably spent it all) I will need to share it with my brother through court proceeding as it will be part of inheritance. I may not even get half of it. It feels like it’s easier to forgive, does that make sense to you?

If I forgive I keep control of the situation. If I don’t, the situation will drag, I’ll be getting upset, and may not even get what I’m hoping to get out of it. Also, do you know my theory regarding overtime? Sometimes it’s easier to do an extra shift. Obviously I’d need to do a lot of them…

But the idea that Alior Bank decided to ignore evidence of fraud because of client’s mental health (and that’s what I think has happened) makes me feel totally sick. I can’t just forgive like that.

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