Gratitude practice doesn’t work

Some people swear by it. And possibly it works for them, I don’t know. There were even some research stating that it actually does work. I don’t know how psychological research of this kind can be done without taking into consideration people values, beliefs, life circumstances and life experience.

I did try and at first it did seem to work and it put me into a good mood, but after a while I started experiencing depression-like symptoms. I started feeling like I’m gaslighting myself – with all the drama happening in my life I felt like I’m not allowed my true feelings.

So no, it didn’t work for me.

There’s an autism support group in town today and I wonder if I should go or not. But if I don’t, I’m unlikely to get out of the flat at all. What would you do if you were me? Yes, I know comments are closed but you can send me a hint straight to my subconscious mind. That may actually work better because very often, when people suggest something, I feel like I need to do the exact opposite.

Ok, I’ll go, thank you – that’s how I feel, like if I received a subconscious message that I should go and make the most of it. I do appreciate.

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