Autism and gratitude

I’m grateful for being able to create this pattern

Do you think it would be a good idea to start practicing gratitude? I’ve been thinking recently again about the fact that when we, autistics, focus so heavily on explaining our difficulties to the world, we end up being rather negative. ‘I’m not good with speaking on the phone’, ‘I’m oversensitive to noise’, ‘I’m a terrible judge of character’ and so on…

I’ve heard multiple times that focusing on negatives make them worse. So I thought I’d try practicing gratitude instead and see how this will go. I’ll try rephrasing my thoughts into thoughts of gratitude. Well, maybe not every single thought as that would certainly make me feel annoyed at the end but most of them. Or at least half.

Even anxious thought can be turned into a thought of gratitude this way: ‘I’m grateful for that thought because it alerts me of possible problem’. This way I don’t deny the reality but still focus on positives.

I will obviously update you on my blog with results.

The only problem that I have with this idea is that anxious thoughts or thoughts of dissatisfaction of some kind seem to be much better prompts for blogging. I will see what can be done about that though.

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