I’m not always naive, you know?

It is said that we, autistics, are naive sometimes. And I guess that is true, unfortunately – I like to think that other people always have pure intentions and I’m constantly on the outlook for a ‘role model’, that I can never find. Possibly if I didn’t look for role models my friendships would last a little longer? But then, I complain that people don’t treat me right and I tolerate it for far too long anyway.

Is it possible that they sense I want them to be perfect and they get irritated by that? I really do not know.

Anyway, I watched promotional video (called a ‘masterclass’) for Lifebook yesterday. Lifebook is a movement that is supposed to teach us how to get what we want from life and it actually sounded legit. Much more legit that ‘secret’ (if you ever been into New Age stuff you know what I mean). With Lifebook you’re at least told to focus on going after what you want instead of just wishing for it.

I’m into those kind of stuff when I get a bit low. I’m looking for solution to my problem and the problem is I don’t feel plugged in to life. The blog was meant to plug me in but somehow it didn’t happen, or at least not yet.

The masterclass was actually ok, it was run by Vishen Lakhiani, CEO of Mindvalley and the couple who set up Lifebook, Jon and Missy Butcher were his guests. Jon and Missy are a couple for like 30 years and claim they are still in love. And maybe they are, because why not? But my problem here is that the video was going for over an hour and this entire time Jon was having his hand wrapped around Missy’s waist and looked at her lovingly every time she spoke up.

Missy was also looking at Jon when he was talking but at she least kept her hands to herself.

Men don’t behave like that, you know? They don’t hug their wives when they are supposed to talk business. And I’m telling you, that was going on for over an hour!

That must have been staged then in an attempt to attract clients who are looking for a ‘true love’. And only whoever came up with that didn’t predict somehow that for some people, like me for example, it will look fake.

I am now convinced I must in fact think differently than most people. Or at least differently than those who will sign up for Lifebook. Which is a shame really because, I suppose, having intentions for life is not a bad thing. Probably better than looking for a role model.

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