Unimpaired self recognition

I had like 8h long assignment related meltdown yesterday and eventually John told me off for not being flexible enough with my study. Basically I decided I’m not writing evidenced person centered care plan because if I have to provide evidence, that means the care plan is not person centered. But finally I thought, ok, I’m writing it, I have no other choices and I somehow managed to start. I have approximately 30% now.

I’m also coming to terms with reading academic papers, they are not that difficult if I focus on looking for certain information rather that read all of it and try to absorb it. Still, some statements absolutely shock me.

I read this today about people with dementia:

When individuals were asked to identify themselves in photographs (…) [they] exhibited unimpaired self recognition.

Ok, I think I need to take a good look in the mirror. Will I also exhibit unimpaired self recognition? Surely something must have changed in how I perceive myself with all those recent changes in my life.

Ok, back to my assignment. BTW, my statistics are going down rapidly lately. I wonder why that is; I actually have a certain theory but can’t do anything about it.

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