My first uni assignment

I have almost three weeks to submit it and I hope a miracle will happen during this time because I have no idea how to approach it. The purpose of the assignment is to create my own care plan and then offer a critique of person centered care model. This just doesn’t add up to me already, my brain wants to scream that it should be either one or the other.

For those of you who don’t have experience of working in care, care plan is a detailed description of what care someone is supposed to receive, their health, likes and dislikes, and it has to be ‘person centered’ which for some people means that challenges shouldn’t go in there. I once took a resident for a walk and he refused to go back. It wasn’t in his care plan that he may do that. I was later told off and explained that ‘I should have asked’. What that means is that challenges around someone’s care became a gossip one needs to engage in in order to find out what the best care for that person is.

Should I put this in my assignment?

I feel so confused that even if I wanted to ask my tutor for guidance, I wouldn’t know what to say.

If I could write an assignment that I can come up with myself, that would be much better.

Once again I have this idea that possibly I should just work with computers. The only problem is, I do find them extremely boring and would never be able to spend more time than absolutely necessary to reflect on them.

That’s the challenge some autistic people will face: computers are boring but easy. People are fascinating but confusing.

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