Should I apologise to my neighbours?

1. Those kind of things always confused me: is it better to apologise for something you did unintentionally or maybe it’s better to pretend I forgot?

As you may know the floor in my flat is really poor quality, I have installed soundproofing boards in my main bedroom but I recently mostly sleep in my spare bedroom, and anyway I’m sure bigger noise would transfer downstairs through walls even in my main bedroom.

Since I left the hospital I go to sleep around 8pm and wake up at strange hours. Like 3am – that’s still 7h of sleep. And today in the morning, I mean around 4am, I started scrolling through Facebook while still in my ‘day bed’. I saw that cake recipe reel that looked interesting so I thought I’d watch it; maybe it will give me ideas. Only that I somehow didn’t realise it was accompanied by a strange and loud music. I don’t quite understand that – I still had earplugs in but could definitely hear it. I just didn’t realise my neighbours would be able to hear it too, till after their dog started barking.

I didn’t see the neighbours today. I presume by tomorrow it will be ok to pretend I forgot, but if something similar happens again and I see them on the same day, should I apologise or not?

Oh BTW, I need to finally get this post ready about loop earplugs – they really are just piece of sh*t. Or possibly a pair of it.

2. I went for a weekly chat event for autistic people in Swindon, organised by a charity called Dash. None of the attendees looked autistic to me. I found that really interesting, that I can’t recognise an autistic person. I presume maybe if I met any of them in a regular, neurotypical filled environment, I’d manage to recognise them from the way how they communicate, but in this particular event I couldn’t.

It was nice to stop thinking about my demeanour for a bit. That then however made me wonder if I made myself ‘look autistic’?

3. My sick note is valid to the end of October but I’m hoping to possibly be able to go back to work next week. Sitting at home does get a bit boring after a while, believe me. I have a meeting with my psychiatric nurse tomorrow, I need to discuss that with her.

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