Am I at risk of fraud?

I did post here a year ago how my mum become victim of fraud perpetrated by her favourite bank employee. It all looked really strange; the employee apparently stole such a large sum of money that she could have lived in a mansion but she lived in a flat. She had a husband and a son in a primary school – which mum would want her child to have mum in prison??? Also she was apparently stealing from multiple people for 7 years yet we were first to realise. She was apparently not only fabricating documents, what she did to my mum, but also meeting with clients outside of bank to accept money! And I was thinking, who does that, seriously? My mum would never go for this.

I was later thinking it was all set up and that I’m on safeguarding due to my difficulties with Home Group and Devi, mental health issues and very limited social support. Who could fabricate a fraud? That’s so silly, isn’t it? And how stressful that was at the time, you know!

However, this summer I was informed the police passed the case to court and I am avare courts in Poland are overloaded – it may take even a few years to start a proceeding. Yet, three weeks later we had a date of a hearing. Hilarious, isn’t it?

I didn’t attend. The court offered me an online meeting later on when I was in the hospital and I rejected. I told them due to my mental health I can’t participate any more. The police has all the details already, don’t they?

I keep thinking I really am on safeguarding and by providing such a quick response the court is hinting me I was right: it’s all set up, no money has been stolen, it’s just has been hidden to give time to me and my brother to adjust to the new situation.

My mum could never decide what she wanted to do with the money. I think, ideally, she would want me to be in charge of it, but give my brother monthly income, so that he didn’t spend it on alcohol all at once. But I didn’t want such responsibility. I have my own problems, as you can see. When my mum passed away I was left with all the money I transferred to my bank account to be able to cover her care home fees. If you add what’s left on her account plus the amout that got stolen, I got a bit less than half. Which is fair, I believe. My brother’s life would be more difficult even if he wasn’t drinking, but in the state he’s in everything that he’s going to get will go for alcohol, drugs and prostitutes for him and his mates.

Btw I found a fantastic song that describes how some men think, will add some lyrics here:

Oh, can’t find them. But it goes like ‘I’m your mate and I will stand by you… I think it’s your round’. At least it tells us how some male friendships work.

And now I am like: well, I got what I felt I deserved. My brother didn’t get his share because bank employee stole it but everything is being looked at in Poland, where he is, and he does nothing about it. So it’s not my fault if he’s left with nothing, is it? He doesn’t even answer my phone calls.

But am I specifically at risk of fraud now? I sometimes share on a blog how much I paid for things; mostly because I find the number funny in some way. Like 6.76. Or possibly something is unusually cheap. I mostly pay by card. I shared on the blog who I bank with and Devi knows my address.

Oh no, she wouldn’t get involved in it – she’d get someone else to do that. I saw her how she got a tenat, a young mum, to make a false accusations against another one. Oh, and she didn’t tell her to do that – she manipulated a conversation when a tenant A came to say that B had a loud party during the weekend and as a result of the conversation A decided it wasn’t actually B; it was a different tenant, C, and A decided she needs to call Swindon safeguarding team because C had a little baby, I think possibly C’s baby was classified as baby at risk due to C’s past but I don’t remember that far into the details.

I actually saw C in town the other day. I know her baby was finally taken away from her and in general she didn’t move forward.

And why A did that? Because Devi hinted her earlier that she could be put on priority list for permanent housing if she behaves.

There was nothing I could have said or did to make her feel better C, you know? Will she ever have the courage again to ask for organised support after meeting a sociopath in Home Group? I’ll highly doubt it. But when I meet her again I’ll at least tell her that I’m a blogger now and Devi is a constant source of content for me.

But I’m scared like hell, you know? What if Devi is going to arrange me to have an accident? She wouldn’t even need to pay for that; she’ll just hint that she can organise something for someone. She is so influential, she really is. Like hell.

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