Taxi driver communication adventures

1. I’m enjoying my spare bedroom. Not that I slept much (it’s 6am) and I can hear neighbour coughing slightly (I’m not wearing earplugs at the moment) but I like the vibe it gives me.

It feels like spare bedroom is good for when I feel the need to escape the world a little bit, while living room is better when I want to face it. Main bedroom will be probably mostly used when John is here.

Just to clarify: my spare bedroom is bigger than the main one. Main one has small double bed and spare one has a day bed. I don’t like large beds, you know? Not when I’m in one on my own. Speaking of which, I’m thinking, I wouldn’t mind moving in with John. Maybe I’ll convince him to visit more often at least?

Anyway, let’s move to the communication part. That’s what my blog is meant to be about.

2. I’ll start from the conversation with a taxi driver who picked me up from the hospital, which was over a week ago. He seemed really chatty, but you know, it’s not like he was my friend. At some point he asked if I work full or part time. I laughed and said ‘that’s an unusual question for a taxi driver’. He laughed briefly and didn’t seem too concerned. He wasn’t Brutish which I think was good. British people are putting too much emphasis on ‘always being professional’ – maybe that’s why they are so focused on stereotypes later – because they assume everyone else is also pretending, like them?

Was something wrong with this question? I presume the taxi driver was just curious about how mental health patients make their living. Nothing wrong with that. We need to remember that, while constant attempts to raise awareness about absolutely everything are great, we won’t get far if we punish people curiosity.

I jokingly said ‘But I can still afford taxi sometimes, as you can see. Although maybe you can’t see because I didn’t pay you yet.’

After that I reassured him I was just kidding.

The journey came to £9.50.

‘Keep the change’ I said while handling him £10 note. It seemed like the only respectful way of finishing that interaction after my unusual joke five minutes earlier. I wonder if you also see it this way?

3. The second story was meant to be about a psychologist I briefly met in the hospital but I think I’ll leave it for some time later. I need to learn to make my posts shorter. And instead just make a lot of them, lol.

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