‘Be a bit weird’

Above: me, in the communal area of Applewood, with it’s famous red window. It was 23.15, I was meant to be asleep (hence the eye mask) but somehow ended up listening to Pitbull’s International Love – which for me became a symbol of my Employment Tribunal game.

I look kind of cute, don’t I? ๐Ÿ™‚ can’t believe I’m 44. I’d probably need plastic surgery if I lost all that excess weight, lol!

I took a couple of versions of this photo and I remember how my mum always told me to show off my teeth when I smile to camera because it makes me look better. Maybe, but I don’t like myself this way. It seems to me that I look fake.

So I chose this one. However, why don’t you judge yourself?

And do not tell me this or that is better, please! Keep your respected opinion for yourself. Like you would if you talked to a neurotypical person, wouldn’t you?


Did I already tell you that I suspect autistic people should try to be a bit weird rather than ‘more normal’? And what I mean by that is using techniques like winking with both eyes… once in a while. Not all the time, by all means.

Theory to follow ๐Ÿ˜›

It looks like another blogging spree is coming up. Or possibly I need my meds increased?

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