Who called for that ambulance?

So, hospital staff was hinting me it was my neighbour who called them. They said they were told I was wandering outside during the night – which I certainly wasn’t; I then thought it was my neighbour who exaggerated to get me help quicker. But maybe it’s the NHS who made it all up, the same like the previous time when they claimed they saw me walking with a knife in my hand.

With a knife? Really?… Anyway.

When I was picked up, a male staff, probably police officer, said ‘due to certain unusual behaviours displayed at home’ they came to check on me. Strange. NHS must really be improving.

And then, when I had my mental health assessment, after recovering a bit in A&E, the doctors told me I was talking to myself when at home – well, it’s only my downstairs neighbours that would know, because of the floor issue. The doctors then asked what can be done about it and I thought they’re hinting they’ll organise me a house if I behave. Hilarious, isn’t it?

They said, I apparently also talked to myself on number of occasions for months before that. Yes, I was, of course! I wanted to became lived experience speaker, remember?

And if one doesn’t have an audience, they talk to themselves to practice.


I do apologise for being so chaotic.

Anyway. I thanked my neighbour yesterday for calling for an ambulance for me and we had a little chat about my mental health. It seemed to me that she admitted it was her who called emergency services, but at the end of the conversation she said it wasn’t her. She knew something was wrong but didn’t want to interfere.

From my point of view if it wasn’t her, she should have said that straight after I thanked her, which would be probably what I would have done. However, I only realised now it would look, from neurootypical perspective, like if she was saying she doesn’t care, doesn’t want to be involved and anything. Plus, she would be unlikely to find out anything this way and let’s admit that, people are curious; and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But who called for that ambulance? It wasn’t John either. Who did it then? I’m now going to have my 4th episode due to confusion caused by that.

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