I’d rather be… in A&E

However… anyway. My mobile is being a bit funny after spending the entire week under my fridge and I’m scared to look at my emails.

Otherwise I am not too bad, I suppose. I just had 3 course dinner in Sandalwood Court, Swindon and it’s only been a few hours since I realised that Queen Elizabeth passed away around the time I was fighting with three lovely policewoman in my neighbour’s garden and the A&E staff never updated me on that.

Things are not TOO BAD, I suppose, I’m alive and only have a couple of bruises, all my own teeth still, only one of my coats needs a good wash and one of my lovely yellow cups is broken, however, I like getting new cups so it is not too bad, is it?

Being in A&E observation unit while awaiting for a mental hospital bed was more fun, somenow; perhaps I felt like being part of the human herd? But it’s not too bad here too. Will update some more later on.

Psychosis is real guys. I’m not exaggerating.

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