Yellow is my favourite colour (2?)

I wonder if I already wrote a post with this title. It’s quite possible, as you may know I’m not a fan of SEO.

So, a few days ago Redecor season finished and we were given an ‘end of season feedback challenge’. As you may know Redecor is an interia decorating game that I used to be obsessed about for over a year. Recently things changed. The game is ok but I guess I moved on, focusing on blogging and my pattern-art (ok, I didn’t do any for a couple of weeks, I do apologise). I still log to the app on most days though to check if there are any challenges I like, and if I do I only do those, without worrying about unlocking new levels.

So when I saw that feedback challenge I had to check it out. Have a look at the result:

I really doubt Redecor was going to check what colours we used most for that challenge although that wouldn’t be impossible of course. I think it was just one of their creative ideas.

I would say the second option best described my attitude to the season. I mean, I didn’t care what the season was so I neither hated it, nor loved it and because yellow is my favourite colour I’d thought I’d decorate it all in yellow, for fun.

I see it as a form of pretend play because I was pretending that I’m giving feedback while in fact I just used it as an excuse to put my favourite colour all over.

It is said that autistics don’t do pretend play while I believe we do, but our is different than neurotypicals’ pretend play. I already made a few posts about it, and my favourite one is this one:

I’m a proud owner of (pretended) Mazda – pretended play in autistics

I was obviously very interested in what other people did for that challenge. There were a few of those who used the suggested colour as a main colour for their design, although not to such as extent as me (for example a few red elements, pink background and a an accent colour) but most players decorated however they saw fit (blue, green, purple, beige…). Still, those few made me think that maybe I’m not as weird as I made myself believe. And I’m really grateful for that.

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