How to become the same person at work?

The lady from the bus stop yesterday also said that I need to give people time to make up their mind about me. It does seem to me that together with ‘do your job and don’t let other people bother you’ (please refer to my previous post) it means I need to become the same person, no matter who I work with.

It does make sense in a way, I do admit that. However, it also feels to me like a lack of empathy. Does that make sense to you? If you can be the same person all the time and are unaffected by other people behaviour it means you don’t have empathy.

I did mention on the blog that I usually behave in opposite ways to other people. So with someone extremely bubbly I become really quiet. With someone who’s stressing easily I get really calm and methodical – this is actually a good thing. But it also means that with someone who’s bossy I become a pushover – this one is not so good and makes the situation even worse. But at least I have empathy. I mean that’s how I see it.

I need to think about the above concept now. Possibly I need to change how I see things, but I’m not sure where I should go with this.

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