How to make up my mind about my new job

I had a staff from another unit come up to me today at the bus stop after shift; she said she saw me in the garden last week when I was taking my break. She was very friendly and said out of nowhere that I should take my time to make up my mind about this place. That statement made me rather uncomfortable. It did seem to me at first that she read my blog. Lol!

Anyway, after moving on from this conclusion, I started wondering what it is that she actually meant. I already made up my mind regarding the fact that the place is really well adjusted for people with dementia; I don’t need any more time for that. And other things, like issues with staff… those kind of things change all the time, don’t they? So how can I make up my mind about that?

So what did she mean? That I should just do my job and not let other people bother me?

And how do I achieve that, I’m asking you?

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