Paris and Nicole – an example of what not to say when falling out with friends

In an attempt to create content I started reading Nicole Richi’s Wikipedia page yesterday. Don’t ask me how it came to that, lol. I don’t quite know. I’m not into celebrities, although I know who some of them are.

I am aware celebrities can be such an excellent source of unusual, sometimes inappropriate statements for us to reflect on so possibly I should do that more often?

So basically Paris and Nicole were best friends for like forever but they fell out in April 2005. The public never found out what happened but Paris made that comment once: It’s no big secret that Nicole and I are no longer friends. Nicole knows what she did, and that’s all I’m ever going to say about it.

I think this is very good example for us – we, autistics (or at least autistic females) sometimes say what Paris said about people who really upset us, in an attempt to get others to see our perspective. But others won’t be able to do that from that comment. And anyway, non autistic people could take the other person side even if its clear to them that you’ve been hurt; that happens for multitude of reasons. Our strong sense of justice is not necessarily going to guide us in the right direction.

Those two reconciled in October 2006, so not after long really. How does that make them look?

Well, it must have not been anything serious then if they were friends again after just a year and a half. That, and her comment, makes Paris look like overreacting princess and Nicole like the forgiving one.

But we don’t know the truth, do we? Possibly something really bad happened between those two, Paris made that comment when she was really upset so didn’t think about consequences (and anyway, with who she is, does she really need to worry about how general public perceives her?) and then Paris was this one who was forgiving.

But that’s not how things look like from our perspective, do they?

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