Confucius was Chinese

1. Did you know about that? I didn’t. Obviously his real name wasn’t Confucius, it was Kong Fuzi. I am mildly interested in philosophy but I thought he was European.

Some philosophy concepts are unfortunately too abstract for me to understand. I just read Wikipedia page about Confucius and I don’t quite know what he was about. He apparently said ‘Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself’ – but I do not think this is enough of teaching for a philosopher. Also that wouldn’t necessarily apply to autistic-neurotypical relationships, although obviously autism wasn’t a thing in Confucius times (circa 500 BC). BTW, have you ever wondered how autistic people managed then?

2. The Friend suggested I may have potassium deficiency so, just in case, I got two bottles from Holland and Barrett. And then also a packet of magnesium with B vitamins added from Boots. It does seem like my mood is better after just a few days of taking those; I certainly don’t wake up depressed like even just a week ago.

I must say I did think it was unusual that, despite of feeling depressed, I didn’t have any depressive thoughts.

Physically I’m still not back to my normal self, though; I sometimes feel so tired that it seems I need a rest after making myself cup of tea. It would be good if that went away too; I will be working two double shifts this weekend and need my energy for that. Even though I know from experience that, if put in a situation that requires me to be active, I can cope perfectly well, I’d prefer not to be tired when I go on shift.

Potassium deficiency can apparently be caused by stress and I had loads of it during the last two years or possibly more. I also read once or twice that people who have lactose intolerance are more prone to minerals and vitamins deficiency due to impaired absorption but I’m not sure NHS confirms that.

3. As you may know I am interested in interior design. It started quite a few years ago, when I was in the process of buying my flat. Over those nine years I collected numerous interior design magazines, both Polish and British, I saw numerous rooms online, I can name and recognise number of decorating styles, but my flat is not only not decorated but most importantly, not well organised and quite chaotic. I also don’t really have any preferences, although I’m not fond of contemporary decor.

I started wondering recently whether my interest is purely the result of the fact that my family home was rather ugly? There wasn’t much my parents could do during communism but later on other people in the village managed to make their houses look pleasant (sometimes on a budget, but not necessarily so) while my mum managed to make ours look even worse.

She was stingy with decor, had no taste, no ability to plan and no desire to shop for things that would match what we already had. She would simply buy the cheapest item that was easily available and the results were often catastrophic. I will always remember how she bought curtains smaller than windows and it didn’t bother her a bit.

So what I’m trying to say is, I do wonder if, possibly, I am trying to spend so much time on that only because subconsciously I believe decorating is very difficult? Because if it was easy my mum would have managed it at least a little bit better.

And possibly interior design is not my real interest?

4. Nationwide is offering mutual respect grant for football clubs. It all sounded very well when I first heard about it but then I started wondering how are the footballers from clubs that didn’t receive the grant going to feel? They will probably decide that they won’t respect their opponents because they can’t afford it.

Respect shouldn’t cost a thing, wouldn’t you agree?

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