The happiness trap, book by Russ Harris

This is a post by a fellow blogger, Ashley Peterson. I didn’t read the book but the review is really interesting and gives some insights already. What I find particularly interesting is the advice that we shouldn’t be focusing on negative emotions while trying to work out what to do in a difficult situation but instead we should focus on our values.

The book is not for autistics, by any means; it’s for general public. I must say here, however, that since realising I’m autistic, I am a bit surprised with the fact that non autistic people need help with managing their emotions. I’m not saying that to make you think that I believe non autistic people don’t have problems; I guess that is entirely caused by reading too many articles about us having problems with emotional regulation while it was never explained how non autistics achieve that; as a result I came to believe that after a bit of emotional struggle non autistics decide it’s time to emotionally regulate and they achieve that in an instant, like if they press a light switch.

I’d really appreciate some more explanation regarding this.

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