Human being in a bag

Yesterday I was chatting with John about the food festival we’re going to on Sunday. I reminded him to take his rucksack. I got it for him as we were getting ready to go on holiday to Poland a few years ago, long before Covid pandemic. I found that rucksack in a charity shop, but it is really nice one and John barely ever uses it. He seems to forget that he has it.

So I reminded him to take that rucksack with him and he said, yes, he will. He added he knows from experience that bags are very important.

And I thought, ‘from experience’? That’s not something that people normally say about food festivals, is it? Therefore it has to mean something. So I thought I’d need to find the hidden meaning. And I got it asking myself the following questions:

What are food festivals like? Crowded. So what is the bag for? A human being, simple.

I can now congratulate myself for being so smart and finding another hidden meaning in a conversation. We’re going to a food festival to catch a human being and put them into a bag. It couldn’t be more exciting than that.

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