Eliminating my psychiatric nurse – continued

So as you may know I’m going to be discharged from my mental health services on the 1st of July. My latest demand on my psychiatric nurse to reveal what they are doing to me (I mean speech and language therapy in the community) created communication breakdown and I feel I don’t want to work on it. What for if I’m going to be discharged anyway? Having a good relationship with my nurse at this stage would only prevent me from moving forward.

However, I don’t want to be impolite either, you know? She doesn’t deserve it. So I decided to just keep the communication breakdown as it is. I think I was subconsciously using similar techniques when I was younger, but then the constant focus on trying to be polite to people made me stop and as a result I started constantly finding myself in situations where people were forcing their support on me even though I wanted to be left alone.

How are you today, Magda? – the nurse asked yesterday.

Thank you for reaching out – I responded. – I do appreciate.

I ignored the question, not the person. That means I don’t want to talk about that. Thank god she got the message and only said ‘thanks’ to that.

While Simon Baron-Cohen would probably say that I said that because I have bad communication skills. That’s all he ever says. Which is, BTW, the same thing that was happening to me in Home Group. ‘Magda has bad communication skills, she didn’t mean what she said, she meant something totally different. I’ll tell you, I’ve been working with her for several months, I managed to get to know her.’

This is what narcissists do. If you let narcissist to be in charge, they’ll ruin everything while constantly promoting themselves.

You need to stop it people. Lifes of autistic people depend on it.

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