Don’t steal, block them!

I read a thread on some kind of strategic game forum over the weekend – I sometimes read all kind of random stuff – the thread contained description of how various archetypes behave. It’s in Polish so I won’t be linking it. But it was interesting; you know, what witch does and how priest behaves. It was much more complex than that of course and I found it very interesting.

I keep thinking about it since that time, wondering, how this could be used to improve our social imagination. I believe I am good in understanding archetypes, I am not sure that applies to every autistic person but it may; archetypes are simplified personalities, aren’t they? Maybe we should talk more about them. Let’s take a bully archetype for example. Would bully stop bullying you because you have diagnosis? No. Would he stop if you’re nice to him and do what he wants? Possibly, but only till the next time he wants something.

We should definitely be talking more about this.

But I was also wondering how understanding archetypal behaviour could help us to deal in general with people who block us on social level. You know, those who interupt when we speak or try to draw all the attention towards themselves.

I mentioned in my previous post that in the past I used to take small items away from those people without their permission. With time I realised that wasn’t the right thing to do so I stopped but then it felt like I had no option to get my little revenge.

And just today I had this idea that if they block us on social level, possibly we need to block them on information level? We can be quite good at that, don’t we? It’s only that we try to control this behaviour because we know that people don’t like it.

So possibly we should be doing that to all those little princesses who dare to steal our thunder.

How would that look? An example from not so long ago. A lady who was trying to get all the attention at a recent social event, asked me if my boyfriend works.

I felt upset thinking that she assumed that he doesn’t only because he’s autistic, but I just said yes, he is an engineer. Nothing else came to my mind anyway.

She then asked what kind of engineer. I was a bit confused whether she was actually asking for information or trying to assess my social status but again I tried to be calm.

[John’s niche employment] safety engineer – I said.

Now I’m really thinking I should have blocked her on information level.

‘Why are you asking? You wouldn’t understand what he really does anyway’.

That should hopefully keep her in check. And that is ‘my natural autistic behaviour’ – reducing everything to information level. But I constantly edit myself to be more socially acceptable. So from now on I won’t be doing that for any f***ing princesses.

If whoever makes me uncomfortable on social level, I’ll do the same to them on information level. And we’ll see who’s going to win then.

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