Autistic is my new identity, I suppose

So I went to my surgery to ask how I can alter my medical file, thank god it wasn’t very busy. Both receptionists were very sweet. They listened to my explanation and added to my medical record that I don’t want to be identified as autistic.

And then one of them said that she has an autistic grandson who is ‘the kindest person’ and I started wondering if she was hinting that I shouldn’t try to be assertive with her, in case I wanted something else. The other one had an autistic little sister who hasn’t been to school for 4 years but learned herself Korean. And I wondered: 1. If she was telling me that I shouldn’t be working, because that’s not for me and 2. How much of Korean the little sister actually learned?

I’m autistic, I was learning English for 6 years in Poland in school, had good grades and yet, I couldn’t understand what people say when I first came to this country. It looks like in people’s eyes we’re still either gifted or having learning disability. There’s nothing in between.

At the end they both ended explaining to me that I’m my own individual person.

Aren’t we all though?

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