I decided to recover

As I mentioned probably yesterday, the fact that my psychiatrist prescribed only 7 olanzapine tablets, instead of usual 10, made me think that I must be recovering. Quite precisely, I achieved 30 percent recovery. Going further with that thought, I need to have 0 tablets to achieve 100 percent recovery. Which is what I currently have as I didn’t go back to the pharmacy to collect those tablets.

Let’s see how this will go. I admit is probably not a standard approach to mental illness, but then, how do we know that what’s on offer in mental health services is actually working?

I’m seeing my nurse in two weeks, we’ll see what she’ll say. Unless I’ll text her earlier?

Other than that not much to report. The weather is really nice the second day in a row but I don’t feel like being out, which is a bit of a shame really; considering I’m not working at the moment I should make the most of it. Maybe I will tomorrow. I will see.

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