1. I started wondering recently, does art has to be pretty? Some abstract art looks quite messy to me and I don’t particularly like that. I was so pleased with a couple of images I managed to create around a week ago, but since then my brain wants to create things that are more harsh and I decided to let it. When my brain wants something, arguing can be very difficult.

2. A small event yesterday made me realise something important. You know how I always try to focus on understanding what is happening around me and explaining how I came up with my interpretation?

Yesterday I was sitting on the bench in a town centre when I saw three young girls passing by. They were maybe sixteen or just a tiny bit older. Two of them carried single carnation flower and that draw my attention. Carnations are very popular in Poland as expression of appreciation, we give them to teachers at the end of a school year or to people who celebrate ‘name day’ (yes, there is such a thing). They are ‘standard flowers’ I’d say, something to give to someone when you want to show you made an effort but you don’t want anyone to read into it. Any other flowers could make people gossip that possibly the man who brought them for a woman wants to have an affair with her or that the child’s parents are expecting better grades next year (however, any other flowers would be fine if they come from your own garden).

In the UK carnations are not very popular so that was one reason why I paid attention. The other reason was that there were three girls and two flowers only. If they carried one flower it would be from all of them, but if one didn’t have a flower it looks like if she didn’t care about the person the flowers were for.

Obviously you can see I’m thinking too much and I probably am. But then, I guess that’s a side effect of the awarness that I may not be getting things right more often than other people.

The girls stopped for a bit just a few meters from me and I spent all that time wondering about the unusual girl to flower ratio. That however made me realise something eventually: sometimes we don’t understand situations not because we’re autistic but because we don’t have enough information. And the only thing we can do about it is to accept it as asking for reasons every time when something is unclear to us can be seen as weird and won’t really give us clarity we are after.

3. I don’t sleep very well recently, but I suspect it’s because the day is so long now. I presume for that reason I may start liking winter. I like the gentle glow of my salt lamp in the evening.

4. I think it’s time to move on from Redecor. Around a week ago its rules changed and instead of having 500 gold every 24h, we receive 150 every six hours. As we need to log in to the app to collect it, it puts us in a very difficult situation; I can’t sacrifice sleep and other activities for it. And as I now use PicsArt to play with patterns it makes sense to reduce use of Redecor. Although I’d probably still be checking once a day or two to see what’s there. It’s a pity though. Being a regular Redecor player was a good thing.

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