Two autistic people talking

Ok, so another myth in autistic community is that two autistic people will not have any communication problems, and I really don’t know where that came from. I guess two autistic people may find it easier to form an initial connection but that doesn’t mean there will be no misunderstandings between them.

Just yesterday I told John that the fact my mental health improved reduced my desire to blog and I have to push myself to keep it up. He then commented that I still managed to write a good length post. For which I said that most of my posts are quite long but reducing the length would mean some important details wouldn’t get included.

Yes, you need to get your point across but do not want to come across as just talking randomly if that makes sense. – He replied.

I hope I’m managing? – I asked. His comment made me feel rather self conscious.

You seem to be managing so far 🙂 – John replied for that.

So far? What does that mean?

Good, thanks 🙂 although that sounds like if you’re having doubt if I manage to keep it up 🙂 – I said.

No, I have no doubts 🙂 Just be happy, that is the main thing. – John said.

At that time I felt like I really had to say how his comments make me feel.

I don’t want to upset you or anything, but what you said ‘just be happy, that’s the main thing’ sounds rather dismissive. – I summed up.

You probably don’t realise it, I get it – I continued in another paragraph. –
But I wonder if it comes as a result of trying to be helpful, when there’s no need for that.

And then John asked if I don’t want to be happy.

That wasn’t what I meant, was it?

We continued this conversation for a few more minutes and he told me that I’m looking for hidden meanings that are not there.

Are they not?

Indeed, John is not like that at all, he’s unlikely to put hidden meanings in his communication. However, I did see a hidden meaning in there, so does that mean I’m wrong or him?

We’re fine now and there was no arguments here, just a bit of difference of opinion. I’m still not sure, however, what to do the next time when similar thing happens; should I tell him that I see hidden meaning, even if I know it was not his intention? If I wasn’t autistic he’d have all the right to tell me to take what he says directly, but if I’m autistic as well and we’re still see things differently.

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