Collective illusions

I just read a post on Ashley Peterson’s blog that discuss something what readers of my blog should know – I’ll quote Ashley here:

This post explores some of the issues that came up in Todd Rose’s book Collective Illusions, which I reviewed a few months ago. Collective illusions are the social norms and expectations that we think everyone else agrees with, when in reality, most people don’t privately agree with those norms and expectations. Yet we’re hardwired to conform with our social groups, and collective illusions can mean that everyone ends up doing what nobody wants to do. 

It does look like neurotypicals are not necessarily that good at assessing what other people think, or at least not as good as we, autistics, are made to believe. I will put this book on my reading list. Hopefully it’s in my library as I’d rather not spend money now, when I have no idea when my next shift will be. But the post by itself is an excellent read, here’s the link:

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