Follow the flow of what?


This is just another post about my digital detox, and I didn’t want to call it just ‘digital detox’ while ‘feeling a bit better’ doesn’t seem appropriate in case I’ll feel worse again soon. I really do not know what is symptom of what, and that is the problem, but since yesterday evening I feel like some pressure has been taken of my chest, but my head still feels funny.

My desire to snack seems to abandon me, but obviously I don’t know how long for. It’s 9.08am, I’ve been awake for 3h but didn’t have my breakfast yet and I’m absolutely ok with that. Every time I go to the kitchen I feel like it’s not time to eat yet or even snack. Let’s hope it will stay like that, but I’ll keep posting updates.

The image you can see at the top of this post is another of my Redecor designs. Overloading it with patterns wouldn’t work for this one but I still managed to add some. But can you see the quote in the bottom right corner? I noticed it almost immediately and asked myself the question what it means and why O is replaced with #. O and # don’t even have similar shape, so it didn’t make any sense to me.

And I think this is the reason why the current era where we’re overloaded with digital content doesn’t work for me – I see everything as a piece of information that I can’t discard till after I make sense of it. That feature was working for me 20 years ago and was helping me to understand the world around me and make up for my limited social understanding, but in the world we live now it puts my brain into constant overdrive without giving me any positive results.

Because, I’m sorry but the posts I see on Facebook every day (didn’t check Facebook yet today) don’t contain any information that has the ability to improve my life. Which is sad by itself, isn’t it?

And I’m thinking now, why some of those autism activists who claim that we should be allowed to be as autistic as possible at all times and neurotypical world has to get on with it – the same people are effectively playing neurotypical game – ‘building following’ game – instead of focusing on providing useful information.

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