Sleepless in Seatle and what I learned from it

I just finished that film. It was very popular in Poland when it first came out and for a few years later – I’ve heard it being mentioned countless of times but I never got to watch it somehow.

Well, I did now. It was a good time filler for my digital detox – well, ok, the film was digital but at least it didn’t require me to react to it in any way and wasn’t sending me notifications.

What I learned from it was that if you’re naive but stubborn and brave, you’re going to be rewarded at the end. Is that a message that neurotypicals missed somehow? Or maybe they found it strangely comforting as it was providing them an escape from a real life?

Am I being cynical? No, I’m just getting irritated than a popular film didn’t provide me with an opportunity to improve my social imagination. This is not a film you want your young autistic daughter to watch, that’s for sure.

Otherwise my digital detox is going ok. Watch didn’t get delivered yet but I think I am slowly getting back my clarity of thoughts.

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