How to handle marketing phone calls?

Seriously, I don’t know where all those companies take my number from. Normally I try to listen to at least have the opportunity to politely say that I’m not interested and say bye but two days ago I had the call from Virgin Media and when I said I don’t need broadband the guy just hunged up on me! Not that I see it as rude, not at all. The telemarketing people have their targets to meet so it’s better for them to move on as soon as they realised they’re not going to get anywhere with me, but then you know, I’m thinking they should still finish the conversation politely as they represent a company and I’m making the effort to go against my instinct to hung up (whoever said autistics don’t have empathy is talking total nonsense!) so they could do exactly that – finish the call by saying goodbye, and here you are – they hung up on me!

If that wasn’t enough Virgin Media called me again today. I suppose the first guy didn’t update my records on the system to make it even quicker for himself – but this way he’s passing the bad quality leads onto another staff! And who do you think is most likely to meet their target, huh?

That’s neurotypical sales machine for you. If it was me who was in charge everything would be different. I don’t know how exactly but all that sales machine must be expensive and not really cost efficient. When people need broadband they know where to get it from. If they need you, Virgin Media, they’ll find you. And stop cutting the trees for your ongoing fancy leaflet campaign!

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