The strangest thing ever just happened to me

I was meant to have an interview in a care home not too far from where I live at 2pm today. It was this one that was arranged by a recruitment consultant who really insisted on me going there.

I felt a bit uneasy today, thinking, I have no written confirmation for that interview and, as it was arranged by someone who completely ignored what I was saying, possibly it would be good to call them and ask if they are indeed expecting me. But then I thought what incentives the recruitment consultant would have in arranging an interview that would not meant to happen and, as I don’t like speaking on the phone, I thought I’d just go there.

And, what a surprise: they didn’t expect to see me at all. They are indeed looking for staff but not through an agency.

Oh well… I was asked to come on Tuesday for 10am. And now I’ll be thinking that possibly it’s a sign that I should take this job as I’ll be happy there.

Calm down, I’m telling myself. It’s just a notification from the environment and I should stick to my original plan of becoming a live in carer, end off.

I was also referred by my psychiatric nurse to a service that supports people with serious mental health conditions into employment. It will be good to see what they have to offer, in case I wanted to change careers at some point. I felt a bit uneasy thinking about myself like someone who has serious mental health issues but then I guess with history of two psychoses I should in fact qualify.

3 responses to “The strangest thing ever just happened to me”

    1. Extremely! I’m guessing someone was just trying their luck in recruitment? When I called the number I had he didn’t even say the company name, just ‘hello’.

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