I hope that helps

It has been brought to my attention that what I’m doing here – I mean, providing phrases neurotypical people use is not going to be effective.Well, obviously, we can’t just learn all of them by heart (although I don’t really have that many for now, do I?) but I’m sure it’s better to do that than moan we’re, autistics, are bad communicators.

If anything maybe it will at least help neurotypicals understand we don’t mean to be rude, we just don’t know which phrase to use to sound kind, agreeable and polite. Remember people, I’m autistic myself, I’m bad communicator and only do what I can. I hope that helps.


Actually I had a strong suspicion that adding ‘I hope that helps’ after an explanation means ‘I already said everything, I have nothing more to say, please move on.’ So I asked about it on a group where most people are neurotypical.

I found out it depends on a body language. And what about in an email? Can people not make it easier for us, please, please, please? Can one saying mean one thing only? Seriously, I’m on the edge of giving up here!

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