I’m sure you’re going to handle everything beautifully

Imagine a situation when you have to leave work early and the only person staying in is much less experienced than you.

What are you going to say? ‘I’m sure you’re going to handle everything beautifully’ is an example of a supportive and encouraging statement. If you’re both females, that is! Do not attempt to say it to a man, it’s not masculine enough. But also to a woman, if you’re a man – she’ll probably think you’re trying to flirt with her. That is getting quite complicated already, isn’t it?


So, as I already said, the above sentence would sound encouraging and supportive, if said to a new employee. But what if it’s you who is the new employee? OMG, do not say that! It will sound dismissive. Your colleague was coping ok before you came there so she’s not going to like it.

Just say thank you for being able to leave early and promise it’s not going to happen too often. That will sound much better.

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