We are all the same in our…

Disclaimer: this page has been created during my third psychotic episode when I thought I learned to communicate in code. I decided to keep it as evidence.

Hearts, pretty people

Thank you for working through that with me,

Remember, make that phone call because that’s why.

Rebecca, the sweet little blondie was frpm Swindon and…

You know that already anyway, didn’t you? Because I was just so obseed.

We are all Family. Deep

Byt ay least residents are happy, arent they? I make theur day and MRS (always assume a woman has a husband, that’s the form we use in Poland natura unless she’s very young, still it would be considered

I didn’t apologise be 3 emails meant ‘it’s already a lot’. The home looked rooly modern and and that’s what matters and residents are happy so its all good.

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